Our Team

Our dedicated team comprises of competent people with extensive knowledge and experience. Our professionalism and expertise helps us to service our clients to their satisfaction.
CA Hardik Sanghavi, (ACA, B.Com)
a) Bachelor of Commerce, Pune University;
b) He has completed his Article ship Training from PSBC and Associates, Pune;
c) He has sound knowledge in Statutory Audits, Internal Audits Bank Audits, Stock and Concurrent Audits.
d)  Advisory practices in establishing internal control systems and procedures for the businesses.
CA Tushar Premchandji Kothari, (ACA, B.Com)
a) Bachelor of Commerce, Pune University;
b) He has completed his Articleship Training from P S Bafna and Co, Pune;
c) He have got strong hold for GST practice and its compliance and also given lecture for GST compliance.

 CA Amardeep Jaiswal  (ACA, B.Com)
a)     Bachelor of Commerce, Pune University;
b)     He has obtained a comprehensive exposure during his Articleship Training.
c)     Comprising of traditional practice with Prakash S Shah & Co, Pune (a mid-size CA Firm); Exposure to Direct-tax practice of Ernst & Young, Pune (Big 4) and finally an industry exposure with Schlumberger, Pune.
d)  Post qualification experience of handling Statutory Audit of Schlumberger, Pune Entity (FY 2014-15 & FY 2015-16). Further, undertaking VAT Audit of EATON Group of Companies (FY 2014-15).
e) He has sound knowledge and interest in providing comprehensive services to start-up clients which includes legal setup of business, review of business agreements, analysing and obtaining statutory registrations
        and compliance work and project financing.

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